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Advocacy in Early Education 

PennAEYC's advocacy goal is to provide leadership and support for early childhood professionals, interested groups, families, and agencies to improve the lives of young children and their families through promoting public awareness, support, and funding of high quality early care and education for all children in centers, homes, and schools.


Find your Pennsylvania state legislators: Legislator Locator

Six Easy Steps:  Advocacy for Everyone


1.  Register to vote!

  • Call 800-552-VOTE for a mail-in registration form
  • Stop in at a legislator’s office, courthouse or PennDOT


2.  Find out who your legislators are, and decide which one or ones you will contact.


3.  Decide what types of contacts you will make and how often, and make a commitment to do it.

  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Make a phone call
  • Set up an appointment to visit
  • Make notes before you call so that you make concise points
  • Jot down in your calendar the dates on which you have decided to take action
  • For tips on writing, calling, or visiting legislators, visit PA Partnerships for Children 


4.  Inform yourself


5.  Make a list of key points

  • In your contacts, tell your legislator that you are a registered voter.
  • Tell your legislator what is important to you:  your general concerns and desires regarding young children and/or your opinions on specific issues and legislation.


6.  Make the contacts that you’ve committed to 

  •  If you can, get at least one other person to do these six simple steps.

DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS - State legislators and government officials say that they do not hear from constituents on early childhood education.  Visit your legislator!

  • Introduce yourself as a professional early educator (and a parent, if you are one).
  • Include a personal experience about how quality has made a difference.
  • Ask for his/her views on early childhood education. 
  • Periodically keep in touch, especially when you can compliment the official on his/her support for quality early childhood measures.