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A state sffiliate of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), PennAEYC is a dynamic organization of over 4,000 members, offering professional development, advocacy support, networking, leadership, and other opportunities for early childhood professionals.


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2017-18 State Budget A Win for Children


Your advocacy made a difference! Governor Wolf along with both the House of Representatives and the Senate created a 2017-18 fiscal spending plan that invests in Pennsylvania's children. Funding for families and children in the 2017-18 budget includes:

  • $20 million to restore the damaging cut made to child care services in the FY 2016-17 budget
  • $25 million for Pre-K Counts, thus creating 3,500 new pre-k spots for both Pre-K Counts and Head Start
  • $5 million for Head Start
  • $4.765 million to create a new Pennsylvania evidenced-based home visiting initiative, modeled after the federal MIECHV program


Regarding Child Care Services, the Department of Human Services will use $15.195 million in Child Care and Development Block Grant funds to make up the difference between what we won and what the governor proposed to remove 1,800 from the waiting list. Keystone STARS revisioning and tiered reimbursement initiatives are supported.


Child Care Assistance – While the budget decreases funding used to provide child care subsidy to families currently receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and former TANF recipients, prior year funding will be used to make up the difference. As a result, no children will be impacted. The budget does not assume movement of child care eligibility from the CCIS agencies to the County Assistance Offices. 


Federal Budget Update



"President Trump released his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018, which outlines upwards of $1 trillion in cuts over 10 years to domestic and safety-net programs that support children's development and well-being in areas like education, health, nutrition, and housing. The President's "skinny budget" indicated that early childhood education would be a high priority. While child care and Head Start may have been spared the worst for now, the proposed budget still cuts their funding to levels from FY16, eliminating the important increases gained in the FY17 budget that you fought for, that Congress passed, and that the President signed.


We [NAEYC] want you to stand with us on the important priorities outlined in NAEYC's policy agendas, which are predicated upon a sustained foundation that supports all children and families. That's why our federal agenda includes, for example, recommendations that Congress protect the vital non-defense discretionary programs that the President proposes to cut by $57 billion.


We [NAEYC] want you to stay informed and connected, and remember that there is always a time when intention needs to become action.


We [NAEYC] want you to call your elected officials in Congress today. They are the ones who will decide how funding is spent, and they need to hear your voice to ensure they invest in early childhood education, and reject cuts that are critical to our nation's support for our current and future workforce, and the health and well-being of the families, schools, and communities in which our children are cared for and educated.

Adopt A Legislator


Our state legislators need to hear from everyone who cares about our youngest learners. That means parents, family members, teachers, community members, business and civic leaders—and they need to hear from us over and over again! The Pre-K for PA Campaign urges you to implement the Adopt A Legislator program at your facility. These instructions will help you begin the process, which also includes sending your legislator an introduction letter and adoption certificate.  


Then, all you have to do is use your creativity to expand on these themes and invite others to do the same. Once you have a project complete, bring it to your local legislator's office, mail it to them or email them photos. Contact information for your legislators can be found here. Stay in touch with your legislator frequently and be sure to invite them to all the activities you are holding at your site. 




PennAEYC, DVAEYC and PAEYC Lead Statewide Campaign

As part of strengthening the early childhood community, PennAEYC, DVAEYC and PAEYC are part of a statewide campaign advocating for high quality pre-k for every 3 and 4 year old in Pennsylvania. The public funds available for pre-k in
Pennsylvania help fewer than twenty percent of 3 and 4 year olds access high-quality programs. As a result, to many families cannot find or access high quality pre-k, which is essential to PA's children. 

The goal is by 2018, every at-risk child will have access to a high-quality pre-kindergarten program and middle-income families will more easily afford these services for their children. To accomplish this goal, Pennsylvania policymakers must invest an additional $470 Million over the next 3 state budgets.

We need you, our members, to join
us in this effort.  
Sign up at, like us at, or follow
on twitter @prek4pa

Early Learning PA:
All Children Ready to Succeed

PennAEYC has joined with a number
of other early learning advocacy
organizations to launch the Early
Learning PA Campaign, with a goal
that by 2020, all Pennsylvania children
will have access to high quality early
learning opportunities to do their best-
now and in the future. 

Early Learning PA is a statewide,
non-partisan campaign supported by a
broad-based coalition from around the
commonwealth committed to advocating
for a comprehensive early childhood
system that ensures that Pennsylvania's
children, particularly its most vulnerable
have access t the education and support
they need to enter school ready to learn. 

Sign on to the campaign at,
or follow us on twitter @ELPAtweets

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