Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generous donations of individuals, businesses and foundations to promote the importance of quality early education for all Pennsylvania children. There are a number of ways you can help PennAEYC support children and families across Pennsylvania.

Make a Donation Online
You may make a secure gift online using your credit card by clicking the link below.

PayPal: Make a donation

Write a Check
Make your check payable to “Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children” or "PennAEYC" and mail it to:

Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children
415 Market Street, Suite 206
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Corporate Matching Gifts
Contributions made through an organization or company where you work can be doubled through corporate matching gifts. If your employer has a matching gift program, they will provide you with a form to complete and include with your gift. Then PennAEYC will work with your employer to complete the process.

Make a Corporate Donation
Various studies show that investing in high quality early education will improve the well-being of children and their educational outcomes. Anyone wishing to become a corporate partner with PennAEYC should contact Rose Snyder to discuss the opportunity.

Take Advantage of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit
PennAEYC was recently approved by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development to be an Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) organization. As an EITC participant, businesses across PA can elect to pay a portion of their state taxes directly to PennAEYC, which will then be applied to supporting scholarships for early education programs. PennAEYC will focus initial efforts in counties where there are no current EITC scholarship organizations, such as the more rural areas of the state.

While our program is still under development, our intent is to work with scholarship eligible programs that provide instruction for three-year-old or four-year-old students operated by a school, or in conjunction with a school, located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that utilizes a curriculum aligned with the curriculum of the school with which it is affiliated or located, and which provides a minimum of two hours of instructional and developmental activities per day at least 60 days per school year. To discuss how you can take advantage of EITC, contact Rose Snyder.

Planned Giving
Planned gifts provide a means for you to make a larger gift than originally thought possible. There are a number of ways planned gifts are made, such as:
• Bequest in a will
• Charitable trust or annuity
• Gift of real estate or personal property such as stocks or bonds
• Gifts of life insurance by naming PennAEYC as the owner/beneficiary of a new or existing policy.
To discuss how you make a significant gift that will help PennAEYC strategically support children, contact Rose Snyder.

Event Sponsorship
PennAEYC conducts a number of outreach and leadership events each year, including The VOICE for Children Celebration Event. Sponsorships are a wonderful way to for you to support PennAEYC’s mission and get your name out to the early education community.

If there are other ways in which you would like to support PennAEYC, contact Rose Snyder at 1-888-272-9267 to discuss your ideas.