Welcome to our Lehigh and Northampton Chapter of PennAEYC's page!

The mission of this organization is to support, promote and advocate for young children, early childhood educators, associated professionals and all the stakeholders in the field to improve the lives of young children.

Lehigh and Northampton Chapter of PennAEYC is committed to supporting, promoting, and advocating for children, families, and early educators to make a positive impact on the lives of young children.  We collaborate with state and community-based organizations to initiate programs and advocacy that will provide equitable services to each child and their families. Our chapter holds advocacy events, membership meetings, trainings, and conferences.

Our chapter is under the leadership of a board of directors that guides the work locally in alignment and support of the mission and vision of PennAEYC.

You can find more information on our website here: www.lanchapter-pennaeyc.org.



Anu Sachdev, President, 484 767 2769


Chapter Leadership

President Anu Sachdev  484-767-2769
Vice President Ivy Reynolds 610-393-1353
Finance Secretary Rosemary Kocher  610-392-6153
Secretary Nancy Nicholas  610-360-8492
VP of Advocacy and Public Policy Vacant
Affiliate Representative to PennAEYC Anu Sachdev  484-767-2769
Director at large Denise Madzik 610-704-3746
Director at large Maryanne West  610-653-8836
Director at large Pat Hunter  610-360-0732
Director at large Janet Owen    850-322-1805
Director at large Chris Lincoln 610 533-6685
Director at large Tonia Breech 484-358-0473
Director at large Anabela Arueja  908-420-0417


Upcoming Events

Visit our Events Webpage a complete list of events and activities

Director’s Network in collaboration with ELRC 14 – provide information about advocacy

Membership meeting