Consider taking these steps to make your voice heard and help children and families – NOW!

Ways to take Action

Whether you are an experienced advocate or someone that is just engaging in public policy for the first time, your voice is important. Please consider acting and making a difference for Pennsylvania’s children. We will keep you posted on opportunities to make your voice heard at the state and national levels and also encourage regular contact with your elected officials.

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Protect Children and Your Business
The state House of Representatives is considering a bill (HB 1155) that would allow municipal parks and recreation programs to serve 3- and 4- year olds without having to become licensed and without meeting the basic health and safety standards our child care field is required to follow.
Currently, only school aged children can be served by municipal programs - 3- and 4- year old children cannot be served by municipal programs unless they are a licensed child care center. Municipal parks and recreation programs are vital to our community, but so is the safety of our young children. We know working with 3- and 4- year olds is not a summer job for someone who is not trained to respond to the developmental needs of this age group. Additionally, we know that adult to child ratios are an important quality and safety component for children in our care. This bill could also impact enrollment and revenue for licensed child care programs - creating new competition for our already under resourced child care community. We want to protect our youngest children and child care businesses.
Child care is in danger of being left out of a reconciliation package. Please join us and take two minutes to fill out this NAEYC action alert to your United States Senators and Representative to tell them to make sure early care and education is not left out of the reconciliation package.