Contact Rose Snyder to discuss and schedule professional development designed to support the growth and development of your team. PennAEYC delivers professional development uniquely designed to meet the needs of your program that can be contracted directly with PennAEYC as well as through your regional key.

PennAEYC can provide professional development in the following knowledge areas:

K1 Child Growth and Development-Specifically Developmentally Appropriate Practices

K2 Curriculum and Learning Experiences-Specifically related to Developmentally Appropriate Practices/Play Based Curriculum

K3 Family School and Communities - Specifically Advocacy (Community partnerships) Cultural Competence, Strengthening Families and Supporting Duel Language Learners

K4 Assessment -Specifically Observation

K5 Communication- Specifically Digital Media, Supporting Duel Language Learners

K6 Professionalism and Leadership-This is the strongest PD we deliver and includes a variety of Advocacy, Professionalism and Leadership topics

K7 Health Safety and Nutrition

K8 Program Organization and Administration


View a list of current Professional Development Sessions offered from PennAEYC or to schedule a personal consultation contact Rose Snyder.