PennAEYC’s state and federal public policy agenda is focused on ensuring high-quality early care and education opportunities for Pennsylvania’s youngest children and supporting the early care and education workforce.

PennAEYC's Public Policy and Legislative Agenda 2019-20

PennAEYC’s vision is that high-quality early care and learning is valued, respected and considered a priority. Primary attention is devoted to expanding access to high-quality early childhood programs for young children. We are also called as early childhood professionals to demonstrate a commitment to the profession that extends beyond the learning environment in which we work. This includes advocacy for the children and families we serve, and for the early childhood workforce. Our public policy and legislative agenda outlines positive goals for funding increases, as well as changes in policy and practice, regulation and law at the state and federal levels. We will achieve our goals through existing and new partnerships at the local, state and federal levels, including our state advocacy partners and NAEYC.

PennAEYC will work to achieve the following four public policy goals:

  1. Increase access to high-quality, affordable child care for infants and toddlers
  2. Improve professional supports for the early childhood workforce
  3. Increase access to high-quality pre-kindergarten programs
  4. Support high-quality experiences in early care and education programs and school districts for children through grade four.

Download our full public policy and legislative agenda to learn more PennAEYC Policy Agenda 2019-20 Final