Welcome to our Southeastern Chapter of PennAEYC's page!

We envision a society in which early childhood professionals are highly skilled and valued; families have the knowledge, capabilities and resources to guide their children’s learning; and every young child has a quality start that lasts a lifetime.

The Southeastern chapter of PennAEYC is supported by First Up, Champions for Early Education. In addition to the many ways First Up supports the ECE community they also look for ways to support and engage the PennAEYC members living and working within Southeast PA.

Over the last 50 years, First Up has made many significant, positive impacts on the Early Childhood Education (“ECE”) sector in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our technical assistance team has helped hundreds of early childhood programs reach national accreditation standards. Our advocacy team has created a statewide grassroots advocacy network that has grown to more than 3,000 individuals and organizations working each day to influence public policy.

To become engaged with the Southeast Chapter of PennAEYC please contact Charlene Nolten, Program & Community Relations Coordinator, charlene.nolten@firstup.org, 215-893-0130 x250.

Our Mission is to:

We empower and equip early childhood professionals, families, and other adults influential in young children’s lives through training, coaching and advocating to positively impact educational and developmental outcomes for young children.


Southeast Chapter Contact

Charlene Nolten, Program & Community Relations Coordinator


215-893-0130 x250


Chapter Leadership

Board President Michelle Taglialatela
Board Secretary Brian Miner
Board Treasurer Michael Cianchetta


Upcoming Events

To learn more about what is going on within First Up and the Southeast Chapter of PennAEYC please visit the First Up website for more chapter information.