I am a NAEYC member; am I also a member of a local chapter?
Yes, if you have selected Pennsylvania as your affiliate choice when joining.  To see a list of PennAEYC chapters, click here. Most people choose the become involved or active through local chapter connection points where they live or work but you are encouraged to connect with any PennAEYC chapters that you have interest in.

My center is accredited, and our director is a member.  Am I also a member?
Only if you paid dues and joined under your own name.  All AEYC memberships are for individuals only.  For more information on how to join, click here.  If you are not sure of your membership status, you can check it by calling NAEYC at 1-800-424-2460.  If you do not receive Young Children or Teaching Young Children in your name, you are probably not a member.

I am leaving my position; can my membership be transferred to my replacement?
Since all AEYC memberships are for individuals, you can not transfer your benefits to another person.  In order to continue receiving your benefits, make sure NAEYC has your correct address.

Why am I not receiving my journal, emails, and other benefits?
Most likely your membership has expired or NAEYC does not have your correct contact information.  Verify your membership status by calling NAEYC at 1-800-434-2460 or logging into the members' only section of their website.

Click here to visit NAEYC's Membership FAQ page.

“Membership in NAEYC and the State and Local Affiliate is an important part of being an early childhood education professional. It keeps me current in policy and practice issues and con­nects me with a community of my peers.”
Mary Graham, Delaware Valley