The Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children

is steadfast in the vision that every child in Pennsylvania has the equal opportunity to be a successful, responsible, and productive member of society as a result of their early childhood experiences.

We recognize that early care and education professionals play a critical role in the lives of young children. We know that all learning takes place within the relationships we have with children.  Dr. Jack Shonkoff said it best, “There is no development without relationships”. PennAEYC is committed to the development of programs and policies that support relationships among and between professionals, children and families devoted to the fulfillment of PennAEYC’s mission.

PennAEYC provides a variety of services and programs that impact the lives of children and support the mission and vision of the organization. Our programs impact children through policy and practice in the field of early care and education to ensure children have high quality early childhood experiences.