PennAEYC develops and advocates for the implementation of public policies and investment strategies that improve the lives of young children and their families through high-quality early care and education. We provide leadership and support for early childhood professionals and other Pennsylvanians that want to be a voice for children.

PennAEYC’s public policy and advocacy work is focused on ensuring high-quality early care and education opportunities for Pennsylvania’s youngest children.

Our efforts include:

  • Development ofand advocacy for proactive public policy initiatives and investment strategies.
  • Monitoring of and response to legislative, regulatory and administrative policy actions.
  • Strategic, nonpartisan education and advocacy with elected and appointed officials and staff.
  • Support and mobilization of early childhood professionals and Pennsylvanians.
  • Strong collaboration with like-minded organizations to advance our goals.

PennAEYC works on state and federal public policy, with guidance from NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, in our federal advocacy efforts.

We encourage you to join us and be a voice for children!