PennAEYC stays current on proposals and actions to change the early care and education system at the state and federal levels so we can influence the outcome and inform our members and other concerned Pennsylvanians of possible change.

PennAEYC Positions Statements

PennAEYC monitors and responds to legislative, regulatory and administrative actions impacting the early care and education system at the state and federal levels. Learn more about current proposals by downloading our position statements. Should you have any questions please contact If you have questions please contact Jen DeBell or Jodi Askins.

2017-18 Pennsylvania Legislation

House Bill 1386 - Teacher Certification Grade and Age Bands
This legislation originally would have changed the grade spans and age ranges for teacher instructional certificates, including creating a kindergarten to sixth grade certificate in addition to the existing pre-k to fourth grade certification. PennAEYC was previously opposed to this legislation due to concerns that the pipeline of qualified pre-k teachers would be diminished and teachers in the early elementary years would not have an early childhood education background. We advocated to keep the grade spans as they stand currently. Fortunately, the bill was amended to remove the language which changed the certificate grade spans, except for special education. PennAEYC is now neutral on the bill as there is no longer a negative impact to the early care and education field.

Download our position statement: HB 1386 PN 4070 PennAEYC Trying Together First Up Position Statement

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House Bill 1742STAR Level Public Posting Requirements

This legislation requires child care providers to post their Keystone STARS rating on their websites. The Department of Human Services (DHS) must issue placards that include the name of the provider, the name of and contact information for DHS, the date the placard was issued and the STAR rating of the provider. The provider must post the placard in any public-facing window on or adjacent to their entrance or at the entrance if there is no window. The provider must inform families of their STAR level in writing at the time of application and enrollment. Providers that fail to display their placard or alter their placard to misrepresent their STAR level will be cited for non-compliance and will be subject to a STAR 1 rating for two years. DHS must ensure the placard is posted and accurate on an annual basis. PennAEYC suggested amendments to the bill sponsors which were included in the legislation and now supports the current version of the bill (Printer's Number 4080). 

Download our position statement: HB 1742 PN 4080 PennAEYC Trying Together First Up Position Statement

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House Bill 1677 - Change in Terminology in Law and Regulations: "Day care" to "Child Care"

This legislation updates language in the Pennsylvania Human Services Code to remove the word "day" when referring to "child day care" and requires the Department of Human Services to update its regulations with the proper terminology as well. PennAEYC supports the current version of the bill (Printer’s Number 3675) and applauds the work of our partner organization, Trying Together, for their efforts to develop the legislation.

Download PennAEYC's position statement 6/12/18 (PN 3675)  HB 1677 PN 3675 PennAEYC Trying Together DVAEYC Position Statement FINAL 6-12-18

Download PennAEYC’s position 11/28/17 (PN 2736)

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Senate Bill 439 - Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Child Care Facilities
This legislation would require child care facilities that burn fossil fuels, have a fireplace or an attached garage to have carbon monoxide detectors. 

PennAEYC position on PN 1759 coming soon!

Download PennAEYC's position 3/27/18 (PN 1587)

Download PennAEYC's position 1/4/18 (PN 1252) 

Download PennAEYC's position 10/12/17 (PN 430) 

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"PN refers to the term "printer's number". If a bill is amended, it is given a new "PN" to reflect changes have been made to the bill.