Welcome to our Bucks County chapter of PennAEYC's page!

Our vision is to lead in the promotion of excellence in early childhood education in Bucks County.

Inspired by our rich, decades-long history as BCAEYC, the Bucks County  Chapter, PennAEYC continues its work in the promotion of high quality early learning and childhood programs for all children.  Acknowledging that the key to quality lies in a highly competent and creative professional staff, we offer workshops on a variety of topics to foster the growth and development of early childhood professionals.  Our Focus Groups bring together staff and administrators for networking, problem-solving, and support.  Each year, we honor the best of our profession through our Outstanding Educator Awards program.  Finally, we continue to advocate on behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of young children through our annual Advocacy Breakfast and events, which brings together political representatives, community leaders, and educators to collectively forward our mission.

We invite you to learn more about us and to join us in this important work at http://buckspennaeyc.com!

Our Mission is to:

  • To increase public awareness and understanding of the needs and rights of all young children, families, and early childhood educators through advocacy and public policy initiatives.
  • To create and promote professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.
  • To advocate for standards of professional practice and quality in early childhood education.
  • To model inclusiveness and respect for diversity in our profession.

Our Values:

In pursuit of our mission, Bucks County Chapter PennAEYC is committed to these values:

  • Support for children and families to ensure the early years are ones in which children can grow, learn, and develop to their full potential.
  • Advocacy for inclusion of all children in early childhood programs in Bucks County.
  • Collaboration and advocacy for quality in all early childhood programs.
  • Respect for diverse views and perspectives related to developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood care and education.
  • Creation of a welcoming environment in which all individuals can participate fully in the organization.
  • Cultivation of a strong, vibrant structure for our organization.
  • Encouragement, support, and opportunities for the professional development of early childhood educators and caregivers.
  • Recognition for the profession of early childhood education and care.


Bucks County Contacts

Roseann Fry, VP Organizational Development – rgf345@aol.com

Kathe Bryner, PennAEYC Representative – bikesandtikes@gmail.com

Jaime Robb, VP of Communication – Justchildren4@aol.com


Chapter Leadership



Kathleen Carmona

Neshaminy Kids Club

Past President


Jane Mahler




Jennifer Thompson

Emilie Christian Day School

Vice-Pres. Programs


Deb Secchia

Circle of Friends



Vice-Pres. Communication

Social Media/Newsletter


Jaime Robb

Just Children Child Center – Grant Ave.

VP Organizational Development


Roseann Fry






Laura Hudson




PennAEYC Representative


Kathe Bryner

Bucks IU



Kathe Bryner

Bucks IU #22



Advocacy Chair

Advocacy Breakfast:


Carrie Walinsky

Kol Emet Preschool

Advocacy Breakfast:


Dawn Stear

First Friends Childcare



Professional Development Alison Angelaccio

Bucks County Community College



Faith Based Focus Group


Deb Secchia

Circle of Friends



Directors Focus Group Tiffany Martin

Teddy Bear College



Outstanding Educator Award Lori Borman

Child Development Specialties



Upcoming Events

Visit our Events Calendar for the most up to date information

Chapter Meetings: Thurs 6/16/22 – Zoom-Kathleen (6:30) Contact Kathleen for more information contact....carmonamax23@gmail.com 

Director’s Focus Group Meetings:  5/20/22 – All meetings are 1:00-2:30, Contact Tiffany Martin...tiffany@teddybearcollege.com for more information.

Faith Based Focus Group Meetings: First Thursday of each month – All meetings are 1:00-2:30 Contact Deb Secchia...deb.secchia@cofpreschoolnewtown.org for more information.